What the hell are you staring at?

Do Koreans living in South Korea know that they stare at foreigners?  Yes, I’m pretty sure they know they are staring, but I don’t know if they know that it’s rude!!  I teach at an International university in South Korea and just yesterday when I was having dinner with my students, some idiot kept staring at me like he’s never seen foreigners before.  What the fuck?  Do you think the entire world only has Korean people in it?  That’s why when you see foreigners walking around in your small ass country, you look like your amazed that other people walk the Earth that’s not Korean.  You mother fucking, idiotic, small minded, haven’t traveled anywhere outside of Korea, need to get on a fucking plane and go outside of your fucking country, or pick up a god damn book that has pictures of other people not Koreans.  

What the fuck are Koreans looking at?  I understand that it must be really difficult for you to not look at foreigners because most of you are ugly mother fucking idiots who look like you carry the down syndrome gene!!  I would be looking at beautiful foreigners as well if I was an ugly ass retarded Korean.  Back in my country, most of the Korean males I see walking around here in South Korea, especially the Korean men would be mistaken for having down syndrome.  So I guess you can’t really blame why they stare at foreign men because they are wishing they didn’t look like retarded.  

I’m just so sick of this fucking country, with it’s fucked up mentality from young to old, thinking that it’s okay to stare at people.  Fucking idiotic retarded Koreans, the only reason you’re still alive is because you are in your retarded ass country.  You stare at me like that back in my country and you’ll get beaten the least, or be killed.  Fucking stupid ass retarded Korean people.  

Get a fucking life!  That’s why most Korean women prefer foreign men because Korean men are not only retarded looking, UGLY as fuck, but they are also fucking rude and retarded, dying of jealous with foreign men who can fuck the shit out of their Korean women.  Korean men hate foreign men because foreign men can get sex from any Korean women.  

Look it’s not our fault you fucking Korean men look retarded.  Maybe if your mind was a little open and your personality improved, you would have a better chance of getting a Korean girl. What does it say that the women in your country prefer foreign men.  You dumbass!!  Get a fucking clue!

So go fuck yourself!  There are too many dumb, Korean men in South Korea who ruin the reputation of Koreans.  Koreans who are actually down for diversity and multiculturalism.  However, open minded Koreans are seldom.  

So to all you fucking retarded looking, rude Koreans who stare at foreigners, please go kiss my ass! It’s not our fault you all fucking look retarded.  You blame your ancestors for all the incest they committed which is the reason why most of you look like you have down syndrome!! Fuck all your Koreans in South Korea, especially the Korean men who can’t get a girl because your fucking ugly and your dick is only 2 inches long, bitch!! 

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